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The concept of 2-step masks isn’t new. In fact, you can find plenty of these masks on the market right now. But that has not stopped New York-based Korean beauty label Beauty Feast from introducing its 2-Step Pore Solution Sheet Mask earlier this year.

On November 8th, the brand celebrated its 100th day anniversary with an event at Asian skincare shop L’OVUE in Manhattan’s Koreatown. This intimate gathering provided shoppers with an opportunity to learn more about Beauty Feast’s product and brand mission from the founders themselves, Jia Lee and Bailey Kim.

About Beauty Feast

Per Beauty Feast’s site, the brand got its start almost three years ago when Jia and Bailey were psychology students in New York City. The two ladies became fast friends and bonded over their interest in health and beauty. Eventually, they came up with the idea to develop a skincare brand that focuses on “healthy ingredients.”

So why the name Beauty Feast? As Jia and Bailey explained via interpreters: “We happened to watch the movie ‘Alice in Wonderland.’ During the film, we were so impressed with the scene where all of the characters are having a feast. [So it occurred to us] that [through our product], our skin is consuming healthy, natural ingredients.”

Jia and Bailey sought and researched ingredients they found effective, safe, and functional. In developing their debut product, they explained, “We paid close attention to honest feedback, customer needs, and overall satisfaction.”

In July, Beauty Feast launched its first — and so far, only — product, the 2-Step Pore Solution Mask. As a token of thanks for attending the anniversary event at L’OVUE, all guests received one for free. I recently tried it out for myself.

Beauty Feast 2-Step Pore Solution Mask

The 2-Step Pore Solution Mask comes with a Gentle Peeling Pad and Fresh Pore Cleansing Sheet Mask.

As for the ingredients, you can take a look at the handy lists from the event below:



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More details on the key ingredients can be found here.

The Peeling Pad

beauty feast peeling pad

I’m used to peeling pads being small, rounded pieces of fabric. The one included here is more like a cloth (although it is folded into a smaller rectangle at first). I took about 30 seconds to wipe my face, concentrating on areas that have been troublesome lately, like the corners of my nose and chin/jawline. Per the instructions, I waited about three minutes before moving on to the next step.

The Sheet Mask

beauty feast sheet mask

The material of this mask is super thin. It includes a paper backing in case you need help applying it. I found it easy to unwrap and place on my face, even without the assistance of the backing. If not for the sections around my eyes and some of the outer edges, it looks like I’m wearing nothing at all on my face.

In addition to that, this mask is absolutely loaded with essence — the excess went on my face and neck.

beauty feast essence

I left the mask on for about 30 minutes (or the amount of time it took for me to bake a couple of breaded chicken breasts for dinner). It took a few moments for the essence to dry once I removed the mask. The essence felt a little heavy at first, but once it fully dried my skin felt smoother.

The Morning After

The following morning, my skin still had a noticeable smoothness. A few tiny bumps remained but on the plus side, my skin wasn’t left in worse condition!

Product Impressions

Beauty Feast recommends using the peeling pad during the day — “before putting on your makeup or going out” — and applying the cleansing mask at night before bed.

I didn’t do that! Instead, I used one product right after the other. I don’t think it makes a huge difference. Immediately following up an AHA peeling pad with a hydrating/soothing mask is far from what I would consider a bad idea.

My first impression of the Beauty Feast 2-Step Pore Solution Mask is generally positive. The sheet mask, in particular, amazed me with a near-flawless fit. It also felt comfortable to wear, although, in the beginning, I had to adjust the top portion of the mask slightly to keep the essence from dripping in my eyes. I didn’t totally love the feeling of the essence as it was drying, but once it did dry, my skin was better for it.

The peeling pad/cloth was pleasant to use. Personally, I liked being able to unfold it and cover my hand with it as I wiped my face, protecting my grubby fingers from my mug.

If you like 2-step masks with a focus on exfoliation/pore care, then put this one on your wish list. However, I don’t recommend it for anyone who is sensitive to added fragrances. Both the pad and the mask have a sweet floral scent, which I found obvious rather than overbearing. (I actually enjoyed it.)

Brand Impressions

As for the brand itself,  I’m still trying to get a sense of its core message.

On the one hand, based on what I heard at the L’OVUE event, Beauty Feast is a brand that prides itself on using safe, effective ingredients found in nature and building products that they’d be keen to share with family and friends. On the flip side, the About Us page focuses primarily on the concept of inner beauty, building confidence, and self-acceptance. There’s a slight disconnect between the two ideologies, although both of them are admirable in their own right.

I’m well aware of the fact that Beauty Feast is still a very new company with only one product on shelves right now. I believe as time moves forward and the brand starts to introduce new products, their message and identity will become more cohesive in the process.

With that, I am excited to see where Beauty Feast goes from here. It’s not very often I have the opportunity to follow a smaller brand from launch!

Where to Buy

Packs of five masks are available to purchase at the following online stores:

If you’re in Manhattan, you can also buy direct from L’OVUE as a single or multi-pack.

Now Over to You…

What are some up-and-coming beauty brands you’ve been into lately? Share your discoveries in the comments.

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