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A couple of weeks ago, one of the kids from my karate school was gleefully telling me about how he had already written up his Christmas wish list. It was barely after Labor Day. I smiled on the outside, yet cringed on the inside because we haven’t even hit Halloween yet.

But I understand the excitement. When I was young I would take the JCPenney and Sears catalogs as soon as they arrived and circle all of the toys I wanted Santa to bring me, then attach a letter telling the Big Man in Red which pages he should glean.

Now more than thirty years later, I don’t receive those catalogs in the mail anymore. (Sears barely exists these days.) I’ve outgrown (most) toys, but not wish lists. Lately I’ve come across several skincare brands and products that I’d like to add to my collection in the next year.

My Skincare Wish List

1. Purito Centella Green Level Safe Sun SPF 50+ PA++++ Sunscreen

I adore the Klairs Soft Airy UV Essence but I’ve been seeing so much love for the Purito Centella Green Level Sunscreen all over my IG feed that I’m compelled to give it a try. It helps that it contains centella, of which I am a fan. Plus, it’s a chemical suncreen, so I likely won’t have to worry about any dreaded white cast.

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#purito Centella Safe Sun SPF50+ PA++++๐ŸŒž , protecting skin without sore-eyes and white-cast. Safe enough for all skin types๐ŸŒฟ . ๋ฐฑํƒํ˜„์ƒ๊ณผ ๋ˆˆ ์‹œ๋ฆผ ์—†์ด ์ด‰์ด‰ํ•˜๊ฒŒ ํ”ผ๋ถ€๋ฅผ ์ง€ํ‚ค๋Š” ์„ผํ…”๋ผ ์„ธ์ดํ”„์„  SPF50+ PA++++๐ŸŒž ๋ชจ๋“  ํ”ผ๋ถ€ ํƒ€์ž…์— ์ถฉ๋ถ„ํžˆ ์•ˆ์ „ํ•œ ์„ ํฌ๋ฆผ์ด์—์š”๐ŸŒฟ . . #koreanbeauty #kbeauty #koreanskincare #kskincare #koreacosmetics #kcosmetics #purito_official #safeingredient #ํ“จ๋ฆฌํ†  #์ฐฉํ•œํ™”์žฅํ’ˆ #์ˆœํ•œํ™”์žฅํ’ˆ #์ฒœ์—ฐํ™”์žฅํ’ˆ #์ฐฉํ•œ์„ฑ๋ถ„

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The fact that the Purito sunscreen is much more accessible (and less expensive) than my beloved Klairs means I’ll likely be crossing this product off my skincare wish list sooner rather than later. Currently I’m using this teeny-tiny tube of the Cosrx Shield Fit Snail Essence Sunscreen, which to be honest isn’t really impressing me much; I don’t think the alcohol denat. is doing my face many favors, either.

2. I’m From Mugwort Spot Gel

I’m already familiar with the I’m From Mugwort Mask thanks to a sample I won as part of a giveaway. This wash-off mask has not only left my skin smooth and soothed, it’s also banished pesky bumps overnight!

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#texturetuesday featuring the @imfrom_global Mugwort Mask! . . I know this is a favorite of @yooniquelife so I was very happy when she included it in her giveaway haul. If you've been following me for any length of time, you know sheet masks reign supreme here. I'll do an occasional sleep mask but seldom a wash off mask. However, this one was receiving quite a bit of hype, so I wanted to try it myself. . . This particular mask contains 2.1% Mugwort. If you're unfamiliar with this ingredient, like I was, it's meant to soothe and relieve inflammation. Wearing it felt like a couple of steps below Ben Gay (refreshing), but without the very aggressive scent. (Although there is a fragrance… Which I could take or leave.) . . I put on a thin layer and left it on for 10 minutes. Washing it off wasn't too bad but getting some of those flecks off was a bit of a challenge. ๐Ÿคฃ Immediately, my skin felt soft and smooth. But I was interested in next-day results. . . I had developed a cluster of small pimples by my forehead. Probably from sweat/heat. I've read that Mugwort is also good for treating acne so I was curious to see if it would do anything for that area. I'm happy to report that this morning, most of those pesky bumps are flattened! ๐Ÿ˜„ This product came around at the right time. I don't have any proper spot treatment products right now, but I think I may be able to count on this Mugwort Mask to fill that need. . . #toallthemasksivewornbefore #washoffmask #mugwort #mugwortmask #imfrom #kbeauty #koreanskincare #abcommunity #abbeatthealgorithm #abmagic #phillyskincare #skincarephilly

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While I am a huge fan of this wash-off mask, I was delighted to find that I’m From also has a Mugwort Spot Gel. I won’t always have the time or desire to slap on a mask, so a product like this — with its 90% pure mugwort extract — would be great to have when I run low on pimple patches.

3. Barulab Black Clay Mask

This is yet another product I had seen all over my IG feed due to multiple people testing it at once. However, in addition to the reviews being overall favorable, I’m interested in the concept of a clay sheet mask.

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Skin-reset for everyone! Divided into an upper and a lower sheet, the Black Clay Mask fits all face shapes and sizes. ๐Ÿ’› #mendyourskin . . . . #blackclaymask #blackclaycleanser #blackclayfoam #๋ฐ”๋ฃจ๋žฉ #๋ธ”๋ž™ํด๋ ˆ์ด๋งˆ์ŠคํฌํŒฉ #๋”ฅํด๋ Œ์ง• #๋ชจ๊ณต์ผ€์–ด #ํ”ผ์ง€์ œ๊ฑฐ #ํ™”์žฅํ’ˆ #์Šคํ‚จ์ผ€์–ด #๊ฟ€๊ด‘ํ”ผ๋ถ€ #์ฝ”๋•๊ทธ๋žจ #๋ชจ๊ณต๊ด€๋ฆฌ #ํƒ„๋ ฅ๊ด€๋ฆฌ #์—ฌ๋“œ๋ฆ„๊ด€๋ฆฌ #BARULAB #koreanskincare #kbeauty #masktime #exfoliate #facialcare #claymask #facemasklover #sheetmasks #weekendskincare #sheetmask

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Granted, it’s not the first time I’ve used this type of hybrid mask. Aside from occasional dryness, clay masks can also be messy to put on and wear. But every now and then I just need the deep cleaning of a good clay mask, especially when my giant pores are being particularly generous with the sebum. From the videos I’ve seen, this 2-piece Barulab mask looks rather easy to apply and doesn’t leave much of a mess behind.

4. Annie’s Way Sheet Masks

I am going to #BlameFiddyย (and @GlowieCo) for putting this line of Taiwanese sheet masks on my radar. First, the packaging. I’m a sucker for it.

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๐ŸŽŠ็‹‚่ณ€ ANNIE'S WAY ็็ ๅฅถ่Œถ็ณปๅˆ—้ข่†œ ้€š้Ž้ซ˜้›„ๅธ‚ๆ”ฟๅบœ่ก›็”Ÿๅฑ€ใ€Œ2019้ซ˜้›„ๅๅคงๅŒ–็ฒงๅ“ไผดๆ‰‹็ฆฎ็”„้ธใ€ๅ…ฅ้ธๅๅ–ฎ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰ ๐Ÿ‘‰ๅฐ‡ๆ–ผ108/08/10(้€ฑๅ…ญ)ๆ–ผ้ซ˜ๆท็พŽ้บ—ๅณถ็ซ™่ˆ‰่พฆๅ…ฅ้ธๅป ๅ•†ไผดๆ‰‹็ฆฎ่ฉฆ็”จๅ“ๆดปๅ‹•ๆšจ็ถฒ่ทฏ็ฅจ้ธ้–‹่ท‘๏ผŒไธ€่ตทๆชๅœ˜ไพ†็Žฉๅ–”โค #็ๆ„›้ซ˜้›„ #้Š€้›ขๅญ #ๅฐ็ฃ็ฒพๅ“็Ž #็็ ๅฅถ่Œถ #้ซ˜้›„ๅๅคงๅŒ–็ฒงๅ“ไผดๆ‰‹็ฆฎ

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Not to sound like an After School Special, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts, right? These masks appear to fit like a dreamย — almost as if you’re wearing nothing at all. (Sorry, I’ll never stop making that Sexy Flanders joke.)ย  The reviews I’ve seen look rather favorable as well. Prices are slightly above average but I’m willing to give them a go, especially since I’m keen on trying more Taiwanese skincare.

**Save on Annie’s Way masks, and other goodies at GlowieCo, using my affiliate code QOWS10 for 10% off!ย 

5. Dr. Jart Cicapair Serum in Cushion Foundation

I like cushion foundations. I like Dr. Jart’s Cicapair Color Correcting Treatment. Naturally, a combo of these products is something I’d want to have in my makeup bag ASAP.

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๊ธ์ •์  ๋‹ต๋ณ€์œจ 100% ๋‹ฌ์„ฑโ—๏ธ ์‹œ์นดํŽ˜์–ด ์„ธ๋Ÿผ ์ธ ์ฟ ์…˜ ํŒŒ์šด๋ฐ์ด์…˜๐ŸŒฟ โ € ๐Ÿง’ํ”ผ๋ถ€ ๋ณด์Šต๋ ฅ์ด ๊ฐœ์„ ๋˜๋Š” ๋Š๋‚Œ์ด์—์š”. ๐Ÿ‘ง์ œํ’ˆ ์‚ฌ์šฉ๊ฐ์ด ๋งŒ์กฑ์Šค๋Ÿฌ์›Œ์š”. ๐Ÿ‘ฑ๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ์ œํ’ˆ์„ ์ถ”์ฒœ ํ•  ์˜์‚ฌ๊ฐ€ ์žˆ์–ด์š”. ๐Ÿ‘ฉ์ œํ’ˆ์— ๋Œ€ํ•ด ์ „๋ฐ˜์ ์œผ๋กœ ๋งŒ์กฑ์Šค๋Ÿฌ์›Œ์š”! โ € KCํ”ผ๋ถ€์ž„์ƒ์—ฐ๊ตฌ์„ผํ„ฐ 2019๋…„ 4์›” 3์ผ~5์›” 2์ผ ๋งŒ 20~60์„ธ ์„ฑ์ธ ์—ฌ์„ฑ 21๋ช… *์„ค๋ฌธ ํ‰๊ฐ€๋‹จ์˜ ์ฃผ๊ด€์ ์ธ ์˜๊ฒฌ์œผ๋กœ ๊ฐœ์ธ ์ฐจ์ด๊ฐ€ ์žˆ์„ ์ˆ˜ ์žˆ์Œ.

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Unfortunately for me, this wish list item is only on sale in South Korea. So unless I get lucky I’ll have to long for it from afar until it (hopefully) goes on sale here. While I like the Cicapair Color Correcting Treatment, sometimes it’s a little too heavy for my liking. This cushion is formulated using the Serum, which I’ve never used but it sure looks like a more lightweight formula. Sigh…I’ll be here waiting for you, Cicapair Cushion.

Good ol’ influencer marketing

As you can see, every item on my skincare wish list is accompanied by at least one Instagram post, while most have been talked about by people I follow and trust. For as problematic as the platform can be, I rely on it heavily to find out what’s new and novel. Sure I look to blogs and news sites as well, but Instagram accounts big and small have influenced a good portion of my skincare buying habits, for better or worse. Of course, this may be a topic for a future blog post…

Now over to you…

What does your skincare wish list look like? Share a few of your most coveted items with me in the comments. Also, if you’ve tried any of the products above, feel free to let me know how they worked for you!


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