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Last month, I used a sheet mask every day. Most of the masks were okay; some were good and others bad. However, there were several that I considered great, and one I even dubbed “God Tier.” I wanted to share brief reviews of the sheet masks I wore in April that landed in that higher echelon. Perhaps you’ll come across a new favorite, too!


The Great Masks


Jumiso First Skin Brightening Sheet Mask

Jumiso First Skin Brightening Sheet Mask

*This was gifted by the brand.

I’m already a fan of Jumiso’s Brightening Serum but hadn’t tried many of their sheet masks. The Jumiso First Skin Brightening Mask is made of a thin material called Cupra, which is actually “recovered cotton waste.” That allowed it to hold quite a lot of essence — 10 times the amount of a regular cotton mask, per Jumiso.

It contains salmon roe, which is loaded with vitamins A and E. Other ingredients include gigawhite, redberry complex, niacinamide and ceramide complex. As you can see, this mask is chock-full of skin brightening and moisturizing properties.

While the essence is a tad sticky, it’s not unbearable. My skin looked vibrant and dewy after wearing it. Regular use would yield even more effective results, I reckon. But yeah, I liked this mask very much.

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Mediheal BTS Aquaring Ampoule Mask EX

I like Mediheal. I like BTS. Naturally, I was going to buy this mask. It’s one of my long-time favorites.

Outside of the Bangtan branding, this is otherwise the OG Aquaring Mask. Key ingredients include sodium hyaluronate, witch hazel, trehalose, and ceramide. Yes, this is certainly a mask you’ll want to reach for when your skin is super dry. It also features allantoin to help soothe skin.

The mask itself is a nice thin material that adheres well, although I never have much success with the MediHeal logos appearing when it’s time for me to remove it. Regardless, this is a mask I easily reach for whenever my skin is dying of thirst.

Buy the BTS set from Beautytap or a regular 10-pack from YesStyle


dr jart water replenishment mask

Dr. Jart Water Replenishing Sheet Mask

Funny story about this mask: I bought it last summer and brought it with me on an overseas trip the following fall. I never used it, and paid no mind about it otherwise until I was going through my carry-on a few weeks ago and found it. Kind of felt like discovering $10 in my pants pocket, which I would have then spent on this mask.

I wore this on a night my skin was feeling particularly dry and it really helped give it some life again. Looking at the ingredients list, it makes sense. This sheet mask contains marine collagen, chamomile flower water, witch hazel extract, and cactus extract. (Think about how well those cacti hold water.)

Another reason I rank this mask so highly is because of the fit. It’s nice and snug, which is not something I say very often about masks due to my “smol face.” It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Dr. Jart products; the Water Replenishing Mask certainly did not disappoint.

Buy it from Sephora


My Beauty Diary White Pearl Sheet Mask

This Taiwanese brand is beloved in the AB community and for good reason. These masks are legit. A very good friend of mine from Japan had gifted me several My Beauty Diary masks and I’ve slowly been making my way through them.

Similar to the Jumiso mask above, the White Pearl mask has a focus on brightening with a side of hydration. It’s formulated with arbutin, hyaluronic acid, hydroxyethyl urea, and of course white pearl powder. Although the essence was slightly tacky and took some time to dry, my skin drank it in nicely.

I also liked the fit and found the scent to be reminiscent of fresh linen. I’ve still more My Beauty Diary masks to get through, but this one is certainly at the top.

I’m not finding the exact same mask I used easily online, but there is a 10-pack of the similar Royal Pearl Mask at Target


Vivlas The Milk Tea Nourishing Sheet Mask

This was among the pile of masks I won in a giveaway. Vivlas is not a common brand by any means in the West, which is a shame because this mask was quite nice.

If you’re a fan of bubble tea, this mask may make you crave it. I certainly did. The milk tea scent is obvious. Thus, it’s no surprise that the essence contains black tea and milk protein extract. It also has five layers of hyaluronic acid and camellia sinensis (yes, even more tea).

Although the fit was a tad wide, my skin was smoother and dewier after wearing this mask. I’m not having any luck finding a stateside merchant that sells this, or an international market that’ll ship it to me. If you happen to have any leads, please drop me a message!


Be Plain Bamboo Healing Sheet Mask

Like the Vivlas mask, I also won this Be Plain Bamboo Sheet Mask in a giveaway. Fortunately, this one is easier to track down.

This is definitely a bamboo mask, from the material itself (100% bamboo cellulose) to the essence, which is 82% bamboo vulgaris water. Other ingredients include three layers of sodium hyaluronate, allantoin, and panthenol. My skin was certainly more hydrated and a lot less flushed after using this.

Good news if you don’t like or can’t handle fragrances: this mask has none. With a decent fit and solid results, the Be Plain Bamboo Healing Mask is one of the best sheets I’ve slapped on my face in quite some time.

Buy a pack of 10 from Beplain

BCL Saborino Night Mask

This mask is so nice, I used it thrice last month! But it’s so convenient to use. Like Lululun masks, Saborino masks come in a resealable pack as they’re meant for daily use. My friend in Japan sent me a 5-pack.

This mask can be worn for a minute if you really don’t have time to spare. However, you can also keep it on for five to 10 minutes if you want to take some time to enjoy it. (I would usually keep this on for five minutes.)

The claim is one of these masks takes the place of multiple steps in your routine, including serum and moisturizer. I didn’t go quite that far with it, but I did skimp in my routine a little when I went for this mask. Fortunately, my skin didn’t suffer for it.

It’s made of cotton and has an okay fit — it’s actually on the small side for me and doesn’t stretch all that well. Ingredients include collagen, hyaluronic acid, honey, and a blend of German chamomile, lavender, and orange oil. (Unsurprisingly, it has a citrus scent.)

I can highly recommend this Saborino mask for lazy and busy people. It’s loaded with enough nourishing ingredients that your skin should still benefit from it.

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The God Tier Mask


be shineeeee tone up mask selfie

Lassie’el Be Shineeeee Tone Up Aura Jewelry Mask

Yes, I came across a mask so fine, I’ve given it this distinction.

Yet another part of my giveaway prize, this mask intrigued me from the start. Between the iridescent jewel on the front of the package and the name itself — which reminds me of the Kpop group Shinee — I was hoping this mask would at least meet expectations.

Well it met expectations and then went well beyond them. Like, this mask soared.

Let’s start with the fit. It’s perfect for my face shape and size. If you have a small, round face like me, chances are high you’ll enjoy wearing this as much as I did.

There is also plenty essence — milky, not too thick of a consistency. Plus, it smells like fruit.

Now to the selling point of this mask: crushed jewels! Yes, this contains red ruby powder (for calming), amber powder (with anti-aging properties), and pearl extract (loaded with amino acids and peptides). Also included are niacinamide and sodium hyaluronate to help brighten and hydrate.

I experienced no stickiness or greasiness after removing this mask. My skin was certainly more vibrant. Although the resulting brightening was only verrrry slight, that didn’t bother me too much because from start to finish, this sheet mask was an absolute pleasure. I would be fine with using the Be Shineeeee mask for weeks straight. It’d eliminate decision fatigue. And my skin would look awesome.

I’m not finding this readily available online for purchase within the United States. If you happen to come across any leads, please help a girl out and get in touch.

Now over to you…

Have you ever used any of these sheet masks? Have any further questions about them? Drop by the comments and let’s talk!

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