Coming at you a little late, it’s a look at my favorite sheet masks from February featuring Innisfree, Leaders, Dewytree, and Creme Shop!

Honestly, I didn’t mask very much last month. And when I did sheet mask, I tended to use the same brand/type for nights in a row, which isn’t a bad thing from a results perspective.

Alas, the following sheet masks stood out to me:

In no particular order…

Leaders Mediterranean Olive Brightening Mask

What’s in it:

Star ingredients: Olive oil, chamomilla recutita extract, coconut extract

Also: Witch hazel, fragrance (rather high on the list), numerous other extracts including peppermint


♥ I like the fit. The material is a thin, gel-like bio-cellulose that holds plenty of essence and fits the contours of my face nicely.

♥ As indicated already, there is added fragrance. Fortunately, in my case, it’s a pleasant (if not nondescript) scent. If you’re not one for smelly skincare, maybe think twice about picking up this mask.

♥ The finish was decent. It didn’t take very long for the essence to absorb into my skin.


⊗ I know it’s unfair to judge after one try, but I didn’t notice that much of a brightening effect. Sure, I had a nice little glow going, and the experience of wearing the mask itself was pleasant. I’m sure with more regular use, I’ll see some dramatic results. However, I also feel somewhat spoiled by Leaders’ Brightening Recovery Mask, which left me with a noticeably brighter complexion after one use.

⊗ At above $5, it’s not particularly cheap as far as sheet masks are concerned. (I actually received this as a present from my mom. Isn’t she the best?)


I enjoyed wearing the Mediterranean Olive Oil Mask, with its thin, contour-hugging bio-cellulose material, plentiful essence, and inoffensive fragrance. Immediate results were lacking on a first try, but if I have some money burning a hole in my pocket I won’t hesitate to pick up a few of these to wear throughout the week. I’d definitely buy them on sale, though.

Buy it at Soko Glam


Leaders What Happened Last Night Radiance Revitalizing Mask

what happened last night leaders mask review


What’s in it:

Star ingredients: Witch hazel (active ingredient, 0.1% concentration), artemisia, ginseng

Also: Fragrance (middle of the list), betaine, numerous other extracts including sugar maple and licorice


♥  Another well-fitting mask from Leaders. This is made from a very thin microfiber-type material that made it feel like I was wearing nothing at all on my face.

♥  Once again, this smells. This mask has a floral scent that I found pleasant but, again, if you’ve a sensitivity to fragrances, proceed with caution.

♥ Immediate results were positive and profound. I used this mask the morning after a night out and it certainly gave my skin a much needed boost. It certainly helped prep my skin for makeup, not to mention the remainder of my skincare routine. My face looked good that day!


⊗ This took a little more time to absorb than I would have liked, but given the solid finish it’s not a major concern.


This certainly lived up to its reputation as a mask that’s meant to “soothe and refresh your skin after a long night.” Following a late night out, slapping this sheet mask on eliminated any lingering fatigue that remained on my face the following morning. I would definitely use this again following a wild night out…past 11 PM.

By the way, Leaders is a fan of BTS/BT21!

Buy a pack of 2 at Ulta

See the original IG review here


Innisfree My Real Squeeze Tea Tree Mask

sheet mask review innisfree my real squeeze mask

What’s in it:

Star ingredient: Tea tree extract

Also: Fragrance (lower half of the list), betaine, aloe, centella asiatica, chamomilla recutita extract


♥  This is a super thin mask that fits my face comfortably. It’s made of 100% biodegradable eucalyptus fibers. And it holds a lot of essence. (In other words, maybe open the packet over your sink.)

♥ There’s an added fragrance, but here it’s not quite heavy. I’ve used a lot of tea tree masks — it’s one of my favorite ingredients for acne-prone skin — and this is among the nicer ones I’ve worn.

♥ Because I bought a 10-pack of these, I’ve been able to use it on consecutive nights. I’ll admit that I wasn’t terribly impressed the first time I tried this mask, but with regular use I’ve noticed the spots on my chin and jawline have either gone down or disappeared completely. It’s also worth noting that the Innisfree mask accomplishes this without leaving my skin too dry or taut.


⊗ As I already mentioned, open this over a sink. There’s a boatload of essence within — that’s good! But it can also be messy if you’re not careful. That’s bad.

Not quite a con but… I bought a 10-pack at T.J.Maxx for $12. That’s not a terrible value at $1.20 per mask, especially considering that a single mask is closer to $2. But I’m used to much better deals on multipacks (keep reading).


I’m already more than halfway through my stock of this sheet mask and that kind of bums me out! My skin hasn’t been in the best condition lately, but this Innisfree mask has done a decent job of helping me battle some stubborn chin and jaw acne. More prominent pimples have dried up, while less surface-level zits have gone down. Of course, it helps that I’ve been wearing this mask on consecutive nights. Hey, I gotta get my money’s worth!

Buy it at Innisfree


Dewytree Deep Detox Black Mask

dewytree sheet mask review deep detox

What’s in it:

Star ingredients:  Jeju Island volcanic ash (30ppm), charcoal powder (15ppm), walnut shell extract, and centella asiatica

Also: Betaine, trehalose, fragrance


♥ This was an amazing bargain! I found a pack of 10 for $5. Yep. Despite having a drawer or two full of sheet masks, I could not pass this up.

♥ I like the matte finish of this mask. I’ve used it once or twice during the day to help prime my face for makeup and it’s been a big help there. It also leaves my skin smooth and does an admirable job of blurring my giant pores.


⊗ Not a fan of the fit. (Too big.) I’m willing to forgive that, however, since the results are otherwise favorable.



This is another mask I’ve had the opportunity to use on consecutive days/nights. I’ll grab one of these when my face is on the oilier side, as the ash and charcoal do a good job of neutralizing that greasiness. Also, anything that makes my face look near-poreless is good in my book. I just wish the fit was nicer.

Find a 10-pack at Amazon sellers (or visit your local T.J.Maxx instead)

See the original IG review here


Creme Shop Rose Water & Violet Oil Fusion Mask

What’s in it:

Star ingredients: Rose water, violet oil, hyaluronic acid

Also: Fragrance (last ingredient), alcohol (middle of the list), allantonin, betaine


I didn’t take very many notes on this mask. Honestly, my first impression of this was ambivalent. Like any other Creme Shop mask I’ve worn, the fit was below average. Immediate results weren’t impressive. I wrote it off.

But when I woke up the next morning, I did notice that some of the spots on my chin had cleared up or gone down. Maybe that’s due to the rose water and its ability to alleviate sensitivity and redness. Or more realistically, perhaps the alcohol helped to dry up some of those pesky bumps. In any case, it was a pleasant surprise and I wouldn’t mind using this again in a pinch.

Buy it at CVS


Now over to you…

Have you tried any of these masks? Or do you have further questions about them? Share what’s on your mind in the comments!

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